Dare to dream

When we were small, we all had dreams. Everything seemed possible; it was only with the passing of time that we began to set ourselves limits.

‘I want to be an astronaut!’
‘I want to be a ballerina!’

But how many of us today can say we became astronauts or ballerinas?

A dream will always be just a dream unless we act to make a little progress each day, are confident enough to overcome setbacks and remain persistent throughout the journey. Because when all is said and done, striving hard towards our dreams brings meaning to our lives.

Since 2011, we have been working closely with the Hong Kong Student Aid Society (HKSAS) to enhance the lives of underprivileged teenagers – individuals who didn’t have the loving support of their families, unlike most people of their age. Together with the HKSAS, Friends Provident International (FPI) runs a student sponsorship program called Dare to Dream, which encourages disadvantaged teenagers to embrace financial planning from an early age and develop a clear path to realising their dreams, step by step. Initiatives like Dare to Dream have helped FPI to be recognised as a Caring Company for seven years in a row.

To help these young people build up an understanding of financial planning concepts, we show them how to put money away, and give tips on how to manage their money. During the program, students are invited to submit their savings plans, detailing the item they would like to purchase and how this item could enrich their lives. Upon completion of their 10-week savings target, the shortlisted students have their savings matched by us in support of their particular dream. We believe our expertise in financial services will go a long way to helping students reach their dreams, and we believe it provides a solid foundation for good financial planning that lasts a lifetime – regardless of what challenges lie ahead.

We are excited to see how the next generation is starting to dream big, whether to become athletes, authors, musicians or anything they can imagine – no matter what barriers they face. One participant suffered a stroke at the age of six, but has never relinquished her passion to become a fashion designer and establish her own brand.

We have seen many success stories over the years and hope that everyone who takes part in our program will embrace life’s opportunities and never give up on their aspirations.

Adrian Emery – CEO FPI

Message from the CEO – Jan 2018

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