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According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)*, an estimated 4.1 billion people across the world now use the internet, an increase of more than 100% since 2009. During this time, online banking has moved from being a niche area to becoming the norm for millions of individuals around the world.

Today, most of us would not consider making a trip into the city to visit the bank when a simple bill payment or cash transfer can be done online in the comfort of our own home in a matter of minutes. Online and mobile banking has made everyday financial transactions easier and it can also help investment customers who are making long-term savings or investment commitments.

There are many reasons why online access to your investments through FPI Portal is beneficial. Here are just four:


International customers are by definition spread around the world. Dealing with an office, possibly in a different time zone, may not be convenient, but FPI Portal is available when it suits you.


While email is an efficient way of keeping in contact, its security is not guaranteed. Secure “2-factor authentication” gives customers a safe way to access their policy details online and even share essential, confidential information through the Secure Mailbox.


You can keep your personal details up to date, view the latest valuations on your policy and check recent transactions.


With online switching and dealing facilities you can change the investments linked to your policy at any time. This is done exactly as you have instructed, without any need to fill in a form.

Take a look at our FPI Portal Overview for more details.

FPI Portal quick stats

  • 46,399 Active users**
  • 125 New users per week***
  • 2,818 Online switches (in Q1 2020)
  • 4,798 Secure Messages (in H1 2020)
  • 1,929 Change of Details (Change of Personal Details in H1 2020)

Even if your financial adviser looks after your policy, you can still register for FPI Portal in order to manage the basics, such as keeping personal details up to date, sending personal documents to us or authorising requests.

Save time. Go online.

* International Telecommunication Union – Facts Figures 2019

** at 24 Jul 2020

*** 1 Jan 2019 – 24 Jul 2020

David Kneeshaw – CEO of IFGL

Message from the CEO – September 2020

Moving forward

As you will know by now, Friends Provident International (FPI) is now part of International Financial Group Limited (IFGL). As the CEO of IFGL, I am delighted that the transaction is now complete and have the opportunity to speak to you.

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