Moving forward

As you will know by now, Friends Provident International (FPI) is now part of International Financial Group Limited (IFGL). As the CEO of IFGL, I am delighted that the transaction is now complete and have the opportunity to speak to you.

There was a high level of scrutiny from our regulators, which means that you can have confidence that this is to the benefit of you, our customers.

Firstly, as an FPI policyholder, please note that you do not have to change anything. Your policy will continue on the same terms, with the same policy number and your email and phone contact points at FPI remain the same. You can also continue to manage your policy online through FPI Portal.

You can be reassured that we understand FPI’s business well and we all share a commitment to help you realise your financial goals. We do this by providing savings, investment and protection solutions, and providing financial advisers around the globe with support and materials to help you make the most of your money.

The Coronavirus pandemic has made many of us reassess our finances, but we strongly believe that there are two key messages which remain important to financial wellbeing:

Think long term

Stock markets have always had periods of volatility and always will. However, our savings and investment products are designed for the long term. If you keep your eye on your long-term goals, such as retirement or a child’s college fund, short-term changes in the market should not need to concern you.

Professional Advice

Keeping in touch with your financial adviser is essential in helping you manage your money. Your adviser knows your personal circumstances, your financial situation, and your long-term goals. By understanding this, they can understand your goals and help you reach them.

Best Regards,
David Kneeshaw

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